Floral Guide

Simple Flower Care Tips

Floral gifts are a perfect way of expressing your love and admiration for a person. Gifting flowers on occasions such as Valentine’s Day, on birthdays or as housewarming gifts help boost the recipient’s mood and puts a smile on his face. However, since flowers tend to wither after a day, following an easy flower care plan can be highly beneficial in keeping looking fresh and beautiful for many days.

Simple Flower Care Tips

  • Cut the stem of fresh flowers at a slant and immerse them in water immediately. The fact that making a slant cut provides the stem of the flower with the larger surface area; it helps them increase their water intake, thereby helping the flowers stay fresh.
  • Add a crushed over the counter aspirin or a little sugar in the flower vase before filling your flower vase with three quarters full with plain or lukewarm water. Make sure the flower vase is absolutely clean. Remove any leaves that will lie below the water and allow the stems of the flowers to reach half way down.
  • Keeping your floral gifts way from sunlight, radiators, heating or cooling vents and other appliances is another important flower care tip. The fact that warm temperatures can dry the petals or fade the flowers quickly, keeping them in cooler room will help flowers last longer. Similarly, it is also important to keep cut flowers away from ripening fruits or dying blooms. The fact these both release ethylene gas; they can make flowers age faster and prevent from staying fresh for longer period of time.

Care Tips for Various Flowers

  • Roses: To keep your roses looking fresh for a longer time it is important that you first cut an inch of the stem from the bottom and immerse the entire rose in water for about 30- 40 minutes before placing it in the vase. Apart from this rose flower care tip, removing the discolored petals from the flower, but leaving behind the thorns on the stem is a great way to keep your roses looking beautiful.
  • Lilies: The fact that the lily pollen is prone to stain furniture or clothing, removing this pollen with tissues is important before you use this flower in your floral gift. Moreover, since these blooms open in a sequence, cutting of the spent flowers which lie close to the main stem is an effective lily flower care tip to keep these flowers looking fresh.
  • Carnations: The fact that carnations are sensitive to ethylene, keeping them away from vegetables, fruits and decaying floral material is vital to prevent from decaying quickly. Apart from this, cutting the stem of this flower just above the node that runs up the flower stalk can prove to useful in helping the stem to draw the water required easily, thereby helping them last longer.

However, apart from following these simple flower care tips, it is also important that you spray a gentle mist of water on your fresh flower, remove all drying flowers and refill the vase with fresh water before replacing trimmed stems in the vase. Following this flower care plan on a regular basis can go a long way in keeping your flowers looking fresh and beautiful in a successful manner.